Undergrads in the Collections!

The University of Connecticut campus may be quieter than usual this semester, but the BRC is still humming with activity. We’re delighted that two undergraduates have joined us this semester. Greyson Nackid is completing an Independent Study in the Vertebrate Division with Dr. Erin Kuprewicz, characterizing the bite forces of Sus scrofa (wild pig) of different sizes and geographic ranges using complete skull specimens.  Jordan Jones is working in the Herbarium with Dr. Sarah Taylor for a second year, producing new specimens, creating high-resolution images, and adding new records to our vascular plant and bryophyte databases. Thank you, Greyson and Jordan, for sharing your talents and enthusiasm with us!

A student with short dark hair, wearing a face mask, black shirt, tan pants, and blue gloves, sits at a lab counter measuring a pig skull
Greyson Nackid measuring skulls in the Dry Collections Room.
A masked student wearing a white baseball cap, white shirt and shorts enters data into a computer
Jordan Jones transcribing data from images of herbarium specimens in the Main Prep Room at the BRC.