fish_iconThe fish collection includes good representation of the fish families of the world, but the strength of this collection is as a repository for specimens documenting taxonomic and distributional data presented in 2 major works, “The Freshwater Fishes of Connecticut” by Dr. Walter Whitworth and “The Saltwater Fishes of Connecticut.” These surveys involved collection of fishes from thousands of temporary and permanent bodies of water within the state, as well as along the entire coast. The freshwater data are especially important because two intensive, specimen-based surveys were conducted that now provide an historical record of the state’s fauna. The majority of the specimens are preserved in ethanol, but there is also a small series of mounted skeletons. A list of all species held in the ichthyology collection is available (list of fishes). To further strengthen its scholarly and academic missions, the vertebrate collection committee adopted a strategic plan for 2022–2027.

Curator: Dr. Eric Schultz