Undergraduate students working in the G.S. Torrey Herbarium have finished a 3-year project that involved creating high-resolution digital images of nearly 33,000 specimens donated by the Delta Institute in Maine. Most of the specimens were collected by members of the Hadwen Botanical Club at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts, in the 1930s and 1940s. The botanists at the time were attempting to collect one specimen of every species in every town in Worcester County, which is the largest county in Massachusetts. Now that all of the images have been created, the UConn students have begun using the images to enter information about the specimens – when and where they were collected, for instance – into a database that already contains information on all other specimens in the herbarium (about 210,000 specimens in all). The database makes specimen information available online to botanists all over the world so the information can be used in research on plant systematics, variation within plant species, changes in flowering time and other subjects