Summer interns in collections

Ginger speciesThe BRC endowment provided opportunities for students to work in the collections during the summer. In the living plant collection, the student attended to essential horticultural task and help with the acquisition of a significant collection of Zingiberales (ginger relatives, over 200 species) which will greatly enhance the UConn living collections and directly support EEB faculty looking at a number of important questions utilizing the ginger family as a model system.  A number of the recently acquired gingers are also new to science and will hopefully be described and published in the near future.

In the vertebrate collection, student completed checking the fluid levels of the spirit preserved collection of fish, reptiles and amphibians, deaccessioning specimens that were dried out, or lacking data. Finally, all peccary skulls are now kept in archival boxes.

Thank you to the supporters of the BRC that make these internships possible.