New publication – Operation Bone Rescue

Recently, BRC Vertebrate Collections Manager (Dr. Erin Kuprewicz) published a paper co-written by EEB graduate student Frank Muzio and EEB undergraduate student Greyson Nackid:

Kuprewicz, E. K., F. M. S. Muzio, and G. Nackid. 2022. Operation Bone Rescue—A case study of remediating flood damage to mammal specimens. Collection Forum 35(1): 21-31.  

We described how a ceiling flood in April 2021 affected 612 mammal bone specimens in the Biodiversity Research Collections. We called our ambitious rescue and remediation effort “Operation Bone Rescue.” Spoiler alert: all waterlogged specimens survived the flood unscathed and actually ended up in better boxes + storage conditions—thanks to our amazing BRC Squad, intrepid volunteers, and supportive UConn administration!