6 graders from MMS visit BRC

6th graders from the Mansfield Middle school tour the Biodiversity Research Collections

What better way to learn about adaptations across the tree of life, than by visiting the diverse collections of living plants from around the world, and our global collections of preserved vertebrate, invertebrates and plants held in EEB’s Biodiversity Research Collections (BRC). Following a visit and guided tour, Jennifer O’Brien and Jeff Burham, two science teachers at the Mansfield Middle School realized the unique opportunity the BRC offered in terms of experiential learning for their 6 graders. Spread over three mornings, 120 students visited the collections, learning from our experts how plants are adapted to various climates (Meghan Moriarty, Amanda Garchow & Matt Opel), how plants defend against herbivores (Sarah Taylor), how bird beaks are adapted for feeding on different types of food (Erin Kuprewicz), or how insects avoid predation and utilize camouflage (Katrina Menard). Their minds filled with countless stories, many students asked to come back, and some even seemed decided to become a scientist! Mission accomplished. This awesome experience for these kids was made possible by the continuous support of the BRC by EEB and CLAS, and by supporters like you, and especially by all six amazing tour guides.

6 graders in Biodiversity Collections