New proposal for the Cape Horn Biosphere Reserve

The recent exploration of the bryophyte and lichen flora of the Diego Ramirez archipelago South of Cape Horn in subantarctic Chile contributed to the development of a proposal for the extension of the Cape Horn Biosphere Reserve, an effort led by Dr. Ricardo Rozzi, a former student in EEB and now Professor at the University of North Texas and the Universidad de Magallanes (Chile). Click on the image for access to the on-line publication.

The bryophyte collections from Gonzalo Island, the first from this island about 100 km SW of Cape Horn, are currently being studied and the inventory of the tiny, low elevation and treeless island will be shared through a co-authored publication involving Dr. J. Engel and M. von Konrat from the Field Museum and of course our Chilean colleagues. Unicates will be deposited in the herbarium of the University of Concepcion (Chile) and duplicates in CONN and F.