New publication on new Hemiptera

Menard, K.L. & M.D. Schwartz. 2023. Four new species of Phytocoris Fallén (Hemiptera, Miridae) from the Davis Mountains in Texas and further documentation of known species of Jeff Davis County. ZooKeys 1174: 97-139.

Abstract reads:  A recent survey of the entomofauna of the Davis Mountains in the state of Texas has revealed four new species in the genus Phytocoris Fallén (Miridae, Mirinae, Mirini): Phytocoris mcivor sp. nov. and Phytocoris schmitzi sp. nov. found on Quercus grisea Liebmann, and Phytocoris marqua sp. nov. and Phytocoris rileyi sp. nov. found attracted to lights. Descriptions, habitus, and genitalic images for the new species are included herein. Further, habitus and genitalic photographs of known Phytocoris species from the county are included to aid in identification.