Publication on new Cicadas

Lee, Y.J., D.C. Marshall, A.B. Mohagan, K.B.R. Hill & D.P. Mohagan. 2023. Revised checklist of Cicadidae (Insecta: Hemiptera) of Mindanao, Philippines, with descriptions of a new genus and nine new species. Journal of Natural History 57: 193–242.

Abstract reads:  This paper provides a revised faunal checklist for the subfamilies, tribes, subtribes, genera and species of the family Cicadidae (Insecta: Hemiptera) from Mindanao, Philippines, comprising 31 species belonging to 19 genera. A new genus, Neopurana Lee and Marshall gen. nov., and nine new species, Platypleura bella Lee and A. Mohagan sp. nov., Platypleura minima Lee and Marshall sp. nov., Chremistica flavialata Lee and Marshall sp. nov., Oncotympana obesa Lee and Marshall sp. nov., Neopurana bouptera Lee and Marshall sp. nov., Purana mindanaoensis Lee and Marshall sp. nov., Mogannia tenebrosa Lee and Marshall sp. nov., Philipsalta exilis Lee and Marshall sp. nov. and Philipsalta lata Lee and Marshall sp. nov., are described. Platypleura transitiva Lee, 2021 is newly added to the list of cicadas from Mindanao. Male calling songs are illustrated and described for all new species. Information on the geographic distributions of the 31 Mindanao species is provided.